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Services & Purchasing
Matching Service

We are aware that a number of pieces of Gorham's Martele silver in collections have come from various types of sets that have been broken up over the years.  As a service to the collector, we maintain a want list to help find specific pieces of Martele, and will also act as an agent to negotiate between two collectors in the situation where one may have a part of a set that another collector owns.  A small fee will be charged for an arrangement of such exchanges.  Want lists for specific pieces can be e-mailed to CONTACT HERITAGE.  Complete confidentiality is assured - no third party releases of information will be provided in any manner without specific authorization.

E-mail Notification

A "new inventory notification" can be sent to you simply by sending an email to CONTACT HERITAGE and requesting to be placed on the e-mail notification list. As new items are posted to the site, the information will be sent directly to you.

Clearing House

Heritage Antiques was directly involved with the publication of the book Martele: Gorham's Nouveau Art Silver. In order to advance the study of Martele silver and to make any future versions of the text more accurate, additional pieces of Martele that were not documented within the tables can be recorded by sending an e-mail to CONTACT HERITAGE. The intent is to create the complete catalogue of the works, similar to that of a known artist. In addition, any errors of content, typographical errors, or other comments can also be directed to CONTACT HERITAGE.  New information will be posted to the Book Updates page.

Want Lists for Martele and Other Antique Silver

Requests are taken and want lists maintained for specific pieces or types of Martele as well as other areas of sterling silver.  The requests for specific types of items (candlesticks, vases, etc.), periods (Georgian, American Coin, etc.), or patterns (Chantilly, Francis I, etc.) can be sent to CONTACT HERITAGE.


Because of the specialization in Martele as well as specific want list requests, we are always interested in the possible purchase of Martele silver.  Please see the contact page so that we may discuss any pieces that you wish to sell.