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The definitive book
Martele:  Gorham's Nouveau
 Art Silver
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Welcome to the home page for www.Martele.com
 and Heritage Antiques of Phoenix, Arizona.

Martele.com and Heritage Antiques specializes in the Martele line of art nouveau silver produced by the Gorham Silver Company.  We buy and sell Gorham Martele as well as provide several related services for Gorham Martele silver collectors.

We are proud to be offering copies of Dr. L. Pristo's definitive book regarding Martele (see the Inventory page) titled "Martele:  Gorham's Nouveau Art Silver."  The limited edition book (released during 2002) is the most comprehensive and significant accounting of Gorham Martele silver to be published, and provides substantial new information about Martele. Additional information useful to collectors of Gorham silver other than Martele will also be found within the text.  Numerous curators, auction houses, appraisers and collectors have already purchased copies of Dr. Pristo's definitive reference.

We also sell antique and fine American, English, and Continental sterling silver from the 17th to the 21st centuries.  

Please browse through the on-line inventory pages to find what Gorham Martele as well as other silver or items are currently available for purchase. The Martele book is available by clicking the image to the left or can be found within the inventory pages.

Trademark and copyright:  The eagle and Martele logo is a registered trademark for Heritage Antiques and Martele.com. All rights are reserved.  Information from the Martele.com web site and the book Martele:  Gorham's Nouveau Art Silver is subject to copyright protection (copyright 8 1998 -  2024).

Gorham Martele silver was produced in sterling, .950, and .9584 standards.  Gorham's Martele is the premier form of art nouveau sterling.  Other companies imitated Gorham's Martele line, but they all fell short in comparison to the finely executed Martele developed by Gorham.  Martele production spanned a number of years, with initial pieces developed in 1896 (and shown to the public in 1897) until the 1930's.  Roughly 8000 individual pieces of Martele were produced by Gorham, almost all of which are documented in Dr. Pristo's book "Martele, Gorham's Nouveau Art Silver.

Heritage Antiques / Martele.com is the premier site for Martele silver.  We actively seek to purchase select examples of Gorham Martele.  We can also provide consulting services to silver collectors wising to purchase individual pieces of Martele or begin a Martele collection.