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Gorham Martele Gravy Boat Stand - SOLD

Item:  Martele Gravy Boat Stand - coded 4719 in an oval - 950/1000 Fine Silver

Maker:  Gorham, Rhode Island, 1900

Description:  The stand was a Sample completed November 20, 1900, and made to match the (4718) gravy boat.  The stand was made by an unlisted maker in 20 hours, and chased by James G. Seton in 26 1/2 hours.  The stand is 9 inches long, 6 3/4 inches wide, and stands about 1 inch tall.  It weighs 10.7 troy ounces.  

The stand would made a wonderful pedestal / stand for any display item, not just a sauce / gravy boat. The "flat" area is approximately 4 1/2 by 3 3/4 inches.  It is also unusual for two reason.  First, it is "somewhat" reversible.  The underside also has a monogram and a centering ring for the gravy boat foot (there is not any decoration on the underside).  It is also unusual in that the 950-1000 mark and Sample code are present, but no Gorham marks are noted (and do not appear to have been removed).  
The stand forms the basis for the discussion on page 154 of the Martele book revolving around "unmarked" Martele.

Condition:  Good condition with small, period script monograms on the top and underside.

The stand is pictured on page 113 of the Pristo book.

Price:  SOLD