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Gorham Martele Bowl

Item:  Martele Bowl - coded T/AQ - 9584/1000 Fine Silver

Maker:  Gorham, Rhode Island, 1909

Description:  The bowl was a Sample completed August 18, 1909.  It was made by Edwin Peters (who only made 9 pieces of Martele) in 46 hours.  Chasing was completed by J.F. Jordan in 63 hours (Jordan chased about 41 other pieces of Martele).  The bowl is 11 1/4 inches in diameter, stands 5 inches tall, and weighs 43.2 troy ounces.  

Condition:  Good condition with light traces of interior gilding.  There are a couple of very small "dings" inside the bowl from use - none that are significant.  There is a presentation inscription on the bottom to F.H. Greene with the names of eight givers engraved.  A wonderful piece of Martele presentation silver.  

The bowl is illustrated on page 71 of Pristo's book, Martele:  Gorham's Nouveau Art Silver.

Price:  Inquire