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Pair of Victorian Bacchanalian Scene Serving Spoons - SOLD

Item:  Pair of Victorian Bacchanalian Pattern Sterling Serving Spoons

Maker:  Henry John Lias and Henry John Lias, London, 1876

Description:  A pair of egg shaped bowl serving spoons.  The spoons have a scene on the front of Diana, a lion, and other figures.  The reverse has grape leaves and an urn on the stem, and back of the bowl has a face.  The bowls of the spoons are gilded.  They measure 9 inches in length.  

Condition:  Very good condition - the decoration and marks are crisp.  The gilding is 90 percent on the front and 70 percent on the back.  There is a period crest on the back - there are no monograms or removals.

Price:  SOLD