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Gorham Martele Berry Spoon - SOLD

Item:  Martele Berry Spoon - coded HX - 950/1000 Fine Silver

Maker:  Gorham, Rhode Island, 1901

Description:  The berry spoon is one of the rare forms in Martele with only seven being produced. The HX spoon is one of the four pictured in the Martele book on page 137.  The spoon, a sample, was made by an unidentified maker in 14 hours, and chased by George Sauthof for 13 hours,  An additional 5 hours are listed for the making of the ivory handle, with a final completion on April 16, 1901.

Condition:  Overall good condition.  There is some light scratching to the inside of the bowl, and a hairline in the ivory.  The inside of the bowl retains most of the original gilding (the decoration and back side of the bowl are not gilded - Martele tends to be parcel gilt).  The handle is slightly loose - an easy fix if desired.  There is a period three letter monogram on the back of the bowl.

Price:  Inquire