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Gorham Martele Five Piece Coffee Set - SOLD

Item:  Martele Five Piece Coffee Set - Coded H/XE - 9584/1000 Fine Silver

Maker:  Gorham, Rhode Island, 1906

Description:  The five piece coffee set apparently was a Sample completed June 18, 1906.  The five pieces were made in 308 hours by Samuel R. Woolley, and chased for an additional 296 hours by Edward F. Mason.  The set weighs a massive 124 troy ounces.  Woolley, who became a silversmith in his own right outside Gorham, made about 56 pieces of Martele, and Mason chased about 120.  Both were mainstays of Martele production.  Factory net price for the set in 1906 was $708.00, a large sum of money in that period.  The set consists of the coffee pot, tea pot, creamer, covered sugar, and waste bowl.

Condition:  Very good condition.  Good sharpness to leaves and flowers.  There is a period single letter monogram engraved underneath the bottom.  Aside from insignificant scuffing, there is one very small ding on the coffee pot, and a pin is missing from the coffee pot handle.

Price: SOLD