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Gorham Martele Effect Figural Inkstand - SOLD

Item:  "Martele effect" Figural Ink Stand - coded B1713 - .925/1000 Fine Silver

Maker:  Gorham, Rhode Island, 1903

Description:  The B1713 inkstand is a "Martele effect" item.  B1713 was cast from the mold produced from the PY Martele inkstand.  Several pieces of Martele are know to have been cast in sterling silver (instead of .950 or .9584) as part of the "B" line and listed by the company as "Martele effect". Essentially the Martele effect items are Martele, either cast (from molds made from Martele pieces) or made in sterling silver when the Martele standard was, at the time, either .950 or .9584.  The records indicate the inkstand was completed April 2, 1903.  Making was in 8 hours by an unidentified maker, there was 5 hours of casting, with the chasing by Karl Wendt for an additional 9 hours.  However, the current stand weighs 32.49 troy ounces (the records indicate 28.50) which suggests more than one stand was made.  The inkstand is a large desk item being 12 3/16 inches long and 6 3/4 inches high.

Condition:  Very good condition.  There are no monograms or removals.  The stand is missing the original ink pots.

Price:  SOLD