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Gorham 14K Gold Chalice - SOLD
Item:  14k Gold Chalice - coded XEDU - 14k Fine Gold with an approximately .55 carat diamond in the cross.

Maker:  Gorham, Rhode Island, 1919

Description:  The chalice is a Special order completed by Gorham on May 26, 1919.  Costing records indicate 89 1/4 hours in making, 2 3/4 hours stamping, 7 1/4 hours spinning, 2 3/4 hours casting, and 22 hours of chasing for the chalice.  The original factory net price for the chalice in 1919 was $693.00. In today's money, adjusting for the dollar rate and for the price of gold, the factory net at that time was equivalent to a factory net today of around $11,000.00 (mark up was around 60 percent, so the ending retail value was in the vicinity of $17,500.00 in today's dollars).  The chalice is 9 1/8 inches tall, and weighs 24.3 troy ounces.  The lower portion (stem and base) is flash plated in 18k over the 14k.  The cup is the lighter 14k.  Makes a nice contrast for the cup.

Condition:  Excellent condition - costing comparison indicates that chalice has only lost about 1.2 grams of weight since new.  There is a period inscription under the base for the original presentation of the chalice - for the ordination and the first high mass.   

Price:  SOLD