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German Decorative Pitcher / Ewer

Item:  Pitcher / Ewer / Jug, sterling or .800 standard

Maker:  German, probably late 19th or early 20th century.

Description:  The pitcher is an unusual combination of 19th century design, set off by a figural handle depicting a winged, serpent legged nude with dolphins and a mask at her feet (fins).  Under the spout is a rams head.  Nice, heavy gauge piece.  The jug stands 10 1/8 inches tall to the tip of the spout.  It weighs an impressive 43.5 troy ounces.

Condition:  Very good condition.  There are no monograms or removals.  It is marked with German pseudo hallmarks (see picture below) as well as the French import mark (ant) in use after 1893.

Price:  $2850.00