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Gorham Martele Punch Cups - SOLD

Item:  Martele Punch Cups (pair) - coded ANP - 950/1000 Fine Silver

Maker:  Gorham, Rhode Island, 1901

Description:  This highly desireable pair of cups (only one pictured)  are from a set of twelve that were made to go with the ANN, ANO, ANP, and ANQ punch set, and were completed September 30, 1901. The cups were made in 8 hours each by an unlisted maker, and chased with sea serpents and seaweed in 16 hours each by David Wilmot, one of the senior Martele chasers.  The cups are 3 1/4 inches tall, and weigh 9.5 troy ounces for the pair.   

Condition:  Above average condition.  No monogram or removal.

The cups are illustrated on page 84 of Pristo's book, Martele:  Gorham's Nouveau Art Silver.

Price: SOLD