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Gorham Martele Kettle - SOLD

Item:  Gorham Martele Kettle - coded A/FV - 9584/1000 Fine Silver

Maker:  Gorham, Rhode Island, 1913

Description:  The kettle is a sample (speculation item versus ordered item) from a coffee set completed during 1913.  The kettle took 122 hours to make, and was chased for an additional 38 hours by George Sauthof, Gorham's lead chaser of Martele.  The factory net in 1913 was $240.00.  The kettle on the stand is about 13 1/2 inches tall, and weighs 71.6 troy ounces total.    

The kettle is an excellent example of a transition piece of Martele, showing a decorative style that was leaving the art nouveau trend of the earlier pieces of Martele and heading towards a more arts and crafts look.  The form is the crucial element, with decoration limited to foliage around the handle, spout, and supports.

The kettle is illustrated on page 73 of Pristo's book, Martele:  Gorham's Nouveau Art Silver.

Condition:  Nice overall condition with very minimal surface wear.  There is no monogram or removal.

Price:  SOLD